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Spectra Group

Spectra Group

Spectra Group started its journey with the inception of Reza Construction Limited, a three decades back dream has now spreaded over many other fields such as Medical Gas Pipeline, Natural Gas Sector, Energy & Power Sector, Real Estate sector, Agribusiness Sector. The web portal provides details information on their different kind of business. This portal also has a very eye catching jQuery based slide show.

Technology: jQuery, XHTML, CSS


Club portal

Cadet College Club Portal

The Cadet College education was introduced in the 1950s in the model of English public schools designed to produce leaders of men. The Cadet Colleges provide physical and extra-curricular training in addition to the normal education curriculum of the respective Boards. It gives a total solution to transform young boys and girls in their early pre-teens to an independent thinking adolescent, with knowledge and wisdom, a leader to take on the challenges of the ever challenging world.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, PayPal checkout.


External Support

I have partially worked in the following projects as part of external support of the company-